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Why Outsource


Why Outsource Your Paraplanning?

The recent changes to our industry may have prompted you to assess how you can run your business more cost effectively. By outsourcing your paraplanning, you can access a fast, reliable and flexible service to meet your needs. We offer a simple, cost effective outsourced paraplanning solution.

We work with Directly Authorised and Network linked advisers, catering for independent or restricted advice models.
We like to have a close relationship with each of our clients and, to that end, if you are within reasonable travelling distance, it would be our pleasure to meet with you in person.

The benefits of outsourcing your paraplanning needs are clear:

  • Flexible service to use as your workflow demands.
  • Fresh way of thinking, to enable an increase of professionalism and consistency in processes.
  • Reports which are personal to your company and each adviser.
  • Lower costs compared to employing a permanent paraplanner.
  • No sickness or holiday pay and no National Insurance contributions.
  • No training needs or exam costs.